Russian Warship Spotted Close To Long Island

Russian Warship Spotted Close To Montauk

Phhoto: By Tim Hettler from New York, NY, USA (Montauk Point Lighthough) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

On the morning of  Wednesday February 15th 2017, the Russian Warship SSV-175 Viktor Lenove was spotted thirty miles off the coast of Long Island, New York. Just imagine that you had rented a fishing charter off Montauk Point and suddenly ran into a Russian Warship. Well its more than imaginable, because the Russian Navy came pretty close to breaking through international waters yesterday not far from Montauk Point New York.

The Russian Warship had been spotted a day before 70 miles off the coast of Delaware. Within 24 hours the Russian Warship sailed North into the waters surrounding the Metropolitan area. The location of the Long Island spotting happens to be close to the United States Submarine Naval Base in Groton Connecticut. According to United States Government sources, the Russian Warship SSV-175 Viktor Lenove is equipped with the capabilities of intercepting vital communications data. Most alarmingly, the ship also carries an arsenal of missiles.

The Russian Warship has not violated any international laws because it has not crossed into United States territorial waters. However, it close proximity to the coast of Long Island has caused some concerns among various politicians and officials. Just the mere fact that the ship is equipped with what we must assume is highly sophisticated communications tracking capabilities is a freighting thought. However, certain members of Congress have suggested that the Russian Warships trajectory has simply been utilized for the point of being provocative. House of Representative member Peter King of Seaford was quoted as explaining that “it’s just Russia trying to be provocative.”* However, King added that all actions by Putin should be monitored and taken seriously.

Lt Col Valerie Henderson spoke for he United States Department of Defense stating that the Russian Warship had not entered into United States territorial waters. Henderson went on to state very diplomatically ” We respect freedom of navigation exercised by all nations beyond the territorial sea of coastal State consistent with international law.”

House Representative Lee Zeldin of Shirley New York was less diplomatic in his response to the sighting of the Russian Warship SSV-175 Viktor Lenove so close to his district. Zeldin argued that Russia’s continued aggression was “a direct threat.”*

Regardless of purpose, the sighting of a Russian Warship off the coast of Long Island is simply another reminder of the cold war days of the 1960’s when students practiced nuclear bombing drills. The increased news stories over the issues of Russian interference in American Politics cast a heavy shadow over the current political climate. The sighting of a Russian Warship so close to the vicinity of the New York Metropolitan Area will undoubtedly only cause more waves of concern.


*Figuera Laura, Newsday, Febuary 16, 2017. p A5

*Figuera Laura, Newsday, Febuary 16, 2017. p A5

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