Top 10 New York Destinations For Honeymooners

New York Destinations For Honeymooners

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This Top 10 New York Destinations For Honeymooners article presents a list of areas in the State Of New York that offers something for everyone. Whether the honeymoon trip is just for a couple of days or has been arranged as an extended visit, the idea for a newly wedded couple is to start their marriage on the right foot. For some couples, their idea of an ideal vacation destination will be somewhere quiet that’s as far away from a busy community as possible. For others, it’s the opposite. The tourism appeal of a large city that has so much to offer sparks many couples to start their married life together with their idea of an exciting adventure. What this list of top ten New York honeymoon destinations cover is a balance of both.

Top 10 New York Honeymoon Destinations

#10 – Central New York Region

The Central New York Region used to be known as Leatherstocking Country, a fictional character created by the founder of Cooperstown, James Fenimore Cooper. She was named Natty Bumpo and was the core character behind his Leatherstocking Tales collection. It was a reference used to describe the leather leggings worn by the Native Americans as protection against the briars in the woods. Aside from Cooperstown, the Central New York Region earned its reputation as a honeymooner’s paradise due to the collection of bed & breakfasts, country houses, inns, and family-run farms that feature produce and homemade goods stands. The culinary and cultural heritage of the region has been the subject of many travel magazines that recognize the region as one of New York’s best country-style getaways. The Central New York Region is sandwiched between the Finger Lakes Region to the west and the Adirondacks and Catskills to the east.

Situated in Otsego County, New York, is a village called Cooperstown. Its demographic sits mostly in the town of Otsego but its eastern region sits in Middlefield. In the Central New York Region, it’s about sixty miles southwest of Albany at the foot of Otsego Lake. For honeymooners who happen to be baseball fans, Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Named after Cooper, the village used to be his farmland before growing into what it is today.

The majority of the historic late nineteenth-century buildings in the Cooperstown Historic District still stand in the core of the village and have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places to visit. Included in that list of historic places are Fly Creek Historic District, Glimmerglass Historic District, Middlefield District No. 1 School, Otsego County Courthouse, and the United States Post Office. Cooperstown earned its distinction as the Village of Museums. Farmers’ Museum is situated on Cooper’s old farmland.

The village is also home to the Fenimore Art Museum and the Clark Sports Center. Whenever a new inductee has been recognized as a Hall of Famer, it is at the sports center. Another feature for newlyweds visiting Cooperstown is the nearby Fly Creek Cider Mill and Orchard and the Brewery Ommegang.

Adding to the appeal of the Central New York Region are the quiet country roads and rolling hills that make it an easy favorite for couples to enjoy their honeymoon in an environment that feels as lax as it can get. There are several historic villages that depict what small-town American life was (and still is) like. Situated in this region to the northwest is also the iconic Erie Canal, as well as countless lakes and waterways that invite people to either come for a swim or enjoy a boat ride.

The Erie Canal Museum is located in Syracuse, which is the primary hub of commercial activity in the Central New York Region. It caters to over two million residents inside the city and its surrounding communities. While here, couples can either walk or ride the trails that run alongside the canal that passes through downtown Syracuse. The city also offers cruises along its stretch of the canal. Just west of the city is the 1860’s replica canal-side store, Sims Store Museum.

This popular tourist site sits on four hundred acres of land that includes a restored section of the canal. Couples may enjoy the nine miles of trails and two picnic areas it has to offer. The Camillus Erie Canal Park is home to the only restored navigable aqueduct in the state of New York. From here, the boat tours offered by the park can be enjoyed by honeymooners and tourists alike from May until October.

For honeymooners wishing for a taste of modern luxury instead of going rustic, the Turning Stone Resort Casino at Verona is the Oneida Nation’s pride and joy that has been welcoming honeymooners and tourists since 1993. From 2001 onward, Turning Stone has received hundreds of accolades and awards as a premier resort with so much to offer.

If spending time inside its casino isn’t an ideal way for newlywed couples to spend time together, perhaps a round of golf at their Atunyote Golf Club may fancy their interest. Since 2007, it has hosted PGA golf tours and championships. Verona and its casino resort sits about half an hour straight east of Syracuse and has been one of the state’s top draws as a destination favored by honeymooners and tourists opting for a mix of luxury and small-town charm.

#9 – Thousand Islands

Situated in the St. Lawrence River along the Canadian border of Ontario and the American border of upper New York is the infamous Thousand Islands. There are 1,864 islands that have become favorite destinations for the elite who can afford to set up their own resorts there, as well as vacationers who are able to stay at some of them. New York’s collection of islands and waterways belongs to the counties of Jefferson and St. Lawrence. One of them includes Carleton Island, home of the ruined Fort Haldimand, which was built in 1779 by the British during the American Revolutionary War. It was later captured by American soldiers during the War of 1812 and has remained the property of the United States ever since. Also along the American side of St. Lawrence is Deer Island, which belongs to the Skull and Bones secret society.

For honeymooners setting sail in this region enjoy awesome views of the majestic island mansions, including Boldt Castle on Heart Island. The classic Germanic architecture was the influence that made Boldt Castle so elaborate and why it’s such a top draw for so many tourists. For honeymooners, the idea the island itself is shaped like a heart is very appealing. The story behind this castle began with George Boldt as he started to build this for his wife, Louise Kehrer Boldt, in 1900.

Construction stopped in 1904 after she died as he no longer saw a reason to continue at the time. After he died in 1916, the castle and the island were mainly abandoned until the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority assumed control of it and the nearby yacht house in 1977. Four years later, Boldt Castle and Heart Island became the filming location for the movie, Fear No Evil. Aside from the restoration project to bring Boldt Castle and Heart Island back to their former glory, improvements were made to ensure generations of visitors were able to capture the history and beauty of a beautiful island that had a heartbreak tale of its own.

There is also the equally impressive Singer Castle on Dark Island as it sports an incredible array of Gothic windows and secret passageways. The prominence of this attraction is privately owned but allows access for visitors to check out this architectural wonder. The original owner used the passageways to spy on his guests as he was extremely protective of his property and his wine collection. The castle has twenty-eight bedrooms, bathrooms, a large drawing room, a library, and a kitchen. The old trick of pulling a book off the shelf to unlock a shelf to open it up to reveal a secret passage used to be done here. Dark Island belongs to the town of Hammond. Its southern shore has waters deep enough to encourage anglers to catch largemouth bass and northern pike. Among newlywed couples into fishing, this is great. Fans of the 2000 movie, The Skulls, may recognize Singer Castle as it was filmed here.

The Clayton Islands offer couples opportunities to enjoy some nature trails, boat tours, and speedboat rides. There are also opportunities to visit galleries and museums as honeymooners learn more about the region’s art, history, and culture. For an even more elevated experience, head straight up in the air by a thousand feet while riding a hot air balloon. Belonging to Clayton in Jefferson County, New York, the islands got their name after the town labeled itself John M. Clayton. He was the U.S. Senator of Delaware from 1845 and 1849.

Clayton has been a popular tourist destination in New York that’s been catering to the Thousand Islands region for years. It has become one of the favorite destinations for honeymooners as the attraction of the marinas and natural scenery is too tempting to pass up. Among the couples that happen to be foodies, the infamous Thousand Islands dressing so many people love today was perfected as Sophia’s Sauce which was a highlight at Sophia Lelonde’s Herald Hotel in Clayton. Although there have been variants that were created during the same 1912 timeline, it was hers that earned a loyal fan base of foodies who would travel for miles just to bring her delicious creation back home with them.

#8 – Lake Mohonk Mountain House

Tucked into the Hudson Valley and less than one hundred miles from New York City is the Mohonk Mountain House. Since 1869, this resort has earned its claim to fame as the state’s most impressive castle-like mansion as an architectural masterpiece. Previous honeymooners will admit it’s not cheap to stay here but the experience is worth it. There are options between the Victoria-style guest rooms or the suite accommodations at the Mountain House. Among honeymooners wanting something more private, its Grove Lodge would be the place to go.

This place is found south of the Catskill Mountains, along the crest of the Shawangunk Ridge, sitting between the communities of Marbletown, New Paltz, and Rochester. Since 1986, Mohonk Mountain House has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. What makes this place so great as a honeymooner’s destination is the mix of scenery and history it has. Originally built as a family resort by the Smiley brothers, it was their love for the great outdoors that sparked an interest. Mohonk was designed to be a site that put conservationism and education of the area’s natural environment as a top priority.

Inside the Mohonk Mountain House are 259 guest rooms and an indoor pool with a spa. Twenty-eight of those rooms are tower rooms. During the winter season, an outdoor skating rink caters to the guests while staying at a site that sits on over thirteen hundred acres of land that banks along the shoreline of Lake Mohonk. Adding appeal to the mix of architectural and natural wonder is the landscaping. Gardens and meadows make these great opportunities for honeymooners to take romantic walks. Neighboring the Mountain House is the Mohonk Preserve and its collection of carriage roads and hiking trails. This sits on eighty-five miles of land that was designated as a preserve by the Smileys in 1963. Lake Mohonk Mountain House has won numerous national and international awards as one of the best destinations and resort spas to visit.

#7 – Adirondack Mountains

Head upstate New York into the Adirondack Mountains and honeymooners will discover a wonderful region loaded with natural scenery that makes it feel like they’ve just stepped into a whole new world.  The Adirondack Mountains are home to one of the most beautiful lakes in New York called Lake George. The town of Lake George is not to be missed. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, the Adirondacks has become a favorite destination to host weddings and other special events. Between the clear alpine lakes, the craggy mountainous peaks, and the breathtaking vistas at virtually every corner, it’s easy to see why romantics love the area so much.

It is also the largest publicly protected region in the continental United States of America, therefore able to maintain its rugged charm for the romantic woodsy wonderland it is. Adrenaline junkies favoring some high-level excitement during their honeymoon may find the white-water rafting opportunities too good to pass up. Among couples preferring to take things a bit easier, there is enough variety between natural sightseeing and resort-style luxuries to keep the mood of romance alive. The scenic towns and villages in the area offer several lodging options that range between quaint bed & breakfasts to luxurious lodges and spa retreats. While there, take in the region’s incredible history as the earliest settlers literally carved it into one of the nation’s most scenic natural playgrounds.

Also in the Adirondacks is the iconic Village of Lake Placid. This is one of the region’s main gems as an incredibly fun town situated in the mountains as it surrounds Mirror Lake. Couples looking for a romantic meal on the water as they celebrate their new life together, they’ll have no trouble finding it here. This experience is at its best when honeymooners walk the trails along Mirror Lake as they work up an appetite while exploring Adirondack’s supernatural playground.

#6 – Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area

The Hudson River Valley is a region that stretches along the Hudson River in the State of New York from the Capitol District’s Albany and Troy communities to Westchester County’s Yonkers, which sits just north of New York City. The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area is the pride and joy of the region that stretches from Sarasota Springs to just north of New York City. Since 1996, it has joined fifty-four other National Heritage Areas in the United States. What makes this place so appealing for tourists, including honeymooners, is the rich history and architecture that meshes beautifully with the natural landscape.

Historians may recognize the Hudson Valley for the significant roles it played during the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution. An average of twenty million dollars in tourism revenue is generated in the Hudson River Valley region each year. Portions of the Appalachian Trail are located here, offering honeymooners to embark on various hiking adventures and romantic walks in the great outdoors. There are also opportunities to do some kayaking and rafting that range from relaxing to adrenaline-pumping fun.

One ideal spot for romantics is the historic The Castle Hotel & Spa in Tarrytown. Literally a castle, it offers scenic lake views that offer honeymooners the ultimate getaway to enjoy their time together as if swept up in their own version of a fairy tale. Acting like an oasis perched on top of one of the highest points of the Hudson River Valley, this community situated in Westchester County has won a series of national and international awards in the tourism industry. The old-world experience felt here feels like a world of its own, even if it’s only about half an hour away from Manhattan.

Originally known as the Carrolcliffe, this beautiful castle was built from stone in two stages. The first was in 1897 and then the second in 1910. Built just like an old castle from fairytale books, it has towers and turrets. This used to belong to a journalist, Howard “General” Carroll whose love for the Norman castles that graced the landscape of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales was the inspiration behind a castle he built for himself. It wasn’t until 1994 that Carrollcliffe was converted into a hotel that would serve as one of the royal gems of the Hudson River Valley.

From here, the access to Hudson River Valley’s National Heritage Area allows couples to visit the George Washington Bridge, which is just twenty minutes away. If interested in some music culture and Queen Anne architectural history, the Music Hall in Tarrytown is worth the visit. In 1901, as one of the first to entertain the audience with motion pictures and it still stands as one of the oldest theaters still in operation. It also hosted the greatest musical icons such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis.

#5 – Hampton Bays

Belonging to the town of Long Island’s Southampton, Hampton Bays is part of the iconic region known as The Hamptons. This hamlet was first settled in 1840 and has since become the main hamlet in the immediate area. Back in the day, the other ten hamlets in the area were Canoe Place, East Tiana, Newtown, Ponquogue, Rampasture, Red Creek, Squiretown, Southport, Springville, and West Tiana. Most of them belonged to the settling families who called these regions their home. As the population of New York City increased, so did the growth of these hamlets as residential and recreational destinations. This led to Hampton Bays earning its name in 1922 as the collection of hamlets amalgamated under one name.

Primary access to Hampton Bays is Sunrise Highway as it serves as the major roadway between New York City and the western half of Long Island. There is also Montauk Highway which runs to Montauk from Queens. Also regarded as “Main Street,” this is where honeymooners will access the many hamlets and villages along Long Island’s south shore. Romantics may want to enjoy the Hampton Luxury Liner coach bus services that are provided for passengers traveling between the Big Apple and Hampton Bays, especially in the summer.

While at Hampton Bays, visiting the waterways in the area, including Shinnecock Canal, adds to the appeal as an ideal honeymooners getaway. One of the highlights is Southampton, Long Island’s southeastern town that sits on its South Fork. Since 1640, Southampton has been making history ever since it was first settled by ten people who gained ownership of the land from the Shinnecock Indian Nation. Today, thousands of families call Southampton their home.

The Village of Southampton has become one of the top draws for honeymooners and tourists alike, thanks to the collection of heritage sites and impressive Colonial and Victoria architecture. Regarded as one of the premier summer resort areas in the United States, staying at Southampton Village is not cheap. This is the ultimate playground for the rich and famous who can afford to live here. Among couples who happen to be golf enthusiasts, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country. Also in the area are a collection of working farms and agricultural preserves that take up the Wickapogue Road Historic District.

The appeal of Southampton Village is the collection of ocean beaches such as Cooper’s Beach. It is often voted as one of America’s best beaches, especially among honeymooners who’ve developed a special love affair with it. One of the gems for honeymooners visiting Hampton Bays is Southampton Harbor Hotel & Spa. Built as a giant yacht, this five-star resort sits in Ocean Village Marina and is surrounded by a pedestrian pier. Everything a couple wants as a romantic getaway can be found here.

If the budget to stay here is a bit too high, try Shelter Island House at Shelter Island Heights. This is a boutique hotel that’s become a honeymooner favorite thanks to its proximity to Crescent Beach, Shell Beach, and Wades Beach. This is one of many wonderful gems that make Hampton Bays one of the all-time favorites for couples and families to make a great escape from city life.

#4 – Finger Lakes

As a region, Finger Lakes is one of New York State’s pride and joy as more than just a tourist destination. Smack in the middle of Finger Lakes is Canandiagua, a community of ten thousand people that serves as a central hub of activity for locals and tourists taking in everything Finger Lakes and Ontario County has to offer. Finger Lakes itself is the “it” place for honeymooners wanting a peaceful time away from the noise of the busy world. There are six hotels that cater to tourists in the area that can each offer newlywed couples a wonderful experience that may give them cause to stay put instead of going back home.

The incredibly historic Belhurst Castle sits on the shores of Seneca Lake, blending in beautifully with the incredible scenery of the lake. The history of Belhurst includes the purchase of its land in 1738 by a pair of land developers in what used to be land belonging to Massachusetts. It was later sold to the businessmen behind the Ontario Glass Manufacturing Company in 1810. In 1824, the land was divided among the stockholders which would see William DeLong seize the largest and most desirable portion of the property. This is where Belhurst Castle sits in a region that now belongs to New York State.

Another wonderful resort for honeymooners visiting Finger Lakes is Geneva on the Lake. This 1914-built beauty is similar to the Villa Lancellotti in Frascati, Italy. The replica statues of Venus de Milo and Hera of Samos can be found here. For romantics who share a love affair with Greek Mythology, Geneva is the place to be. The resort is small and elegant, which is perfect for honeymooners as a place to stay as they explore Finger Lakes together.

As a destination, Finger Lakes keeps things simple as an outdoor enthusiast’s dream escape. At the same time, offers luxuries honeymooners have been appreciating for about a century. There are five Finger Lakes situated in Ontario County out of the eleven that make up the entire region. One of the biggest highlights Finger Lakes also enjoys are wineries and their vineyards. This is where the largest production of New York’s wine comes from, which has become a subject of interest among newlyweds who learn of this.

#3 – Catskills Mountains

Between the incredible scenery and boutique hotels, the Catskills Mountains have deservedly earned its place as one of the best honeymoon destinations in New York State. Located in the southeastern part of the state, it has also earned global recognition as one of the most romantic adventures couples can embark on, either as a weekend getaway or extended vacation. Among the biggest highlights of the region is the Catskill Forst Preserve, which is loaded with wildlife and awesome hiking trails. Among honeymooners into skiing, there is the Belleayre Mountain Resort and Hunter Mountain Resort. The region also is famous for Kaaterskill Falls, Sunset Rock, and the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill Village. That site can be accessed by the Hudson River School Art Trail.

The Catskills earned its name from the Dutch who first called the region their home. This beautiful region became a favorite haven for artists and the entertainment industry to come up with some of the most influential works in history. For New Yorkers living in the Big Apple, it’s the Catskills that serves as their favorite getaway from the big city. It was in this region the infamous August 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held. Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel sat about forty miles southwest of Woodstock’s townsite as it served as the host site for the world’s most iconic rock concert in history. Aside from Woodstock’s claim to fame, there is also Phoenicia, another historical community that served as a haven for artists, comedians, musicians, and writers. When visiting the Catskills, tourists often include the dairy farm, Phoenicia, and Woodstock as part of their itinerary. Honeymooners also do the same.

In pop culture, 1987’s Dirty Dancing spiked honeymooners to share their own version of the Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle experience. Long before the movie, the Catskills was a favorite tourist destination for romantics that had a string of boutique hotels that cashed in on the majestic scenery the region had to offer. Thanks to the movie, the Catskills again earned the worldwide recognition it deserved. Since then, the region has become infamous for its mix of rustic and contemporary charm.

Honeymooners can enjoy visiting various breweries and cideries, as well as U-pick farms, as part of a really tasty experience. The flurry of outdoor adventure opportunities has consistently remained one of the top draws that encourage tourism to thrive in the Catskills. For romantics into glamping, the luxury tents at AutoCamp Catskills do an excellent job glamming up a camping experience that continues to gain popularity among honeymooners and families. If boutique hotels and glamping don’t work, there are rustic resorts and luxury hotels, like the Emerson Resort & Spa in Mt. Tremper.

#2 – Niagara Falls

While many global tourists eye Ontario, Canada’s Niagara Falls as the “it” place for honeymooners, this infamous horseshoe-shaped supernatural phenomenon is equally impressive from New York State’s point of view, too. Aside from the falls, this is a beautiful destination bursting with natural wonderment. Couples enjoying nice long walks together can either take on the pristine hiking trails or wander about the numerous orchards. While doing so, sample the goods from the area’s award-winning wineries.

The highlight is Niagara Falls State Park, the primary reason why honeymooners and romantics favor this New York destination so much. Among romantics wanting to explore at their own pace while taking in the incredible scenery, this is definitely the place to go. If doing so on foot isn’t enough, enjoy the view together from above with a helicopter tour offered by Rainbow Air. If you’d rather go by plane, Airplanes Over Niagara would be the ticket. As for places to stay, there are many options to choose from that accommodate every budget level.

The cream of the crop would be the Red Coach Inn as this Tudor-style home sits close to the edge of Niagara Falls and is the most romantic place to stay in the region. While at the falls, be sure to sail Maid of the Mist. This is a wonderful cruise that starts at the base of American Falls before heading into the basin of the mighty Horseshoe Falls. The tour only takes twenty minutes but what a great way to capitalize on a honeymooning experience for couples who have an appreciation for Mother Nature in all its glory.

The history of Niagara Falls as the honeymoon capital of the world began in 1801. Theodosia, the daughter of future United States Vice President Aaron Burr, traveled to the infamous horseshoe-shaped falls with her new husband, Joseph Alston. The honeymooners embarked on their trip from Albany, New York with a packhorse and several servants. In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Jerome, took his wife to Niagara Falls by stagecoach to enjoy their honeymoon.

It didn’t take long before the popularity of Niagara Falls resulted in the 1825 opening of the Erie Canal. Railway lines also began to open up and expand in order to keep up with the number of newlywed couples wanting to visit the beauty of these waterfalls. Whether viewing Niagara Falls from Ontario or New York, this supernatural wonder of the world continues to serve as a top draw for honeymooners and tourists from all over the world.

#1 – New York City

In New York City, the opportunity to do just about anything the hearts of a couple desire can be done here. Yes, New York City is busy. However, there is a reason why the Big Apple has either served as the backdrop or the main subject featured in the entertainment industry. “Arthur’s Theme” by Christopher Cross was one of many songs written about a city that has consistently been at the top of the list as a tourist destination for years.

It’s also a favorite city chosen by honeymooners who want to visit some of the most popular sites such as Broadway, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Promenade, Central Park, and Hudson River Park. These are just a few of the hot spots that make New York City so appealing. What’s also great about New York City is there is something for everyone. Even as a couple, the two individuals who’ve agreed to spend the rest of their lives together are still their own person. They each have their own interests.

It’s not unusual for newly married couples to experience a disastrous honeymoon as sometimes the mistake of one person assuming the other will be into everything they are is automatic. While in New York City, the opportunity to share a common interest in something a couple can do together should be easy enough. There is also the opportunity for each person in the relationship to get to experience something the other may not be as big a fan of. For instance, the wife may be anxious to take a view of New York City at the top of the Empire State Building. The husband might want to take in a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.

Aside from all the fun activities that range from romantic walks in the city’s most beautiful parks to something as frenzied as a classic rock concert, New York City also has some of the most romantic accommodations honeymooners could hope for. Whatever the budget range is, the big city has it covered. The boutique hotels such as the Greenwich Hotel, The Ludlow, The Pierre, and Royalton are among the best that really know how to help newlyweds make the most out of their honeymooning experience.

There is also the classic favorite, The Beekman, which is in the Financial District. After it was first built in 1881, it was one of the premier cultural hubs of the city. This was the site that played Hamlet for the first time in New York City. Among honeymooners who also fancy themselves as historians, The Beekman briefly ran The Broadway Journal which was printed by the infamous Edgar Allan Poe.

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