Having A Blast At Long Island’s Eternal Con (Comic Con)

Eternal Com Batmobile

Batmobile On Display At Eternal Con- Photo by Brian Kachejian 2017

On Sunday July 1st 2017, I took my teenage son to New York’s Nassau Coliseum to experience a comic book convention called Eternal Con. Whether or not you’re a fan of comic books, or science fiction movies, spending a few hours at a major comic book convention will simply rock your world. At almost any type of comic con, the fun begins while waiting on-line to get inside. Comic book and science fiction fans can be very interesting and entertaining to mingle with. Listening to fans recite movie lines, tell stories, dress up and do some really strange things are what comic book conventions are all about.

As with most comic book conventions, there are multiple ticket prices and packages that fans can purchase. The basic admissions fee for Eternal Con was 25.00 dollars a ticket. That is actually a pretty fair price compared to New York City’s Comic Con which charges 50.00 dollars a ticket. While many fans have been complaining about parking prices at Nassau Coliseum in the wake of the Billy Joel concert that charged 40 dollars a ticket, the parking fee for Eternal Con was only 5 dollars a car. If you are one that does not wish to wait in line, Eternal Con also offered VIP Ticket pricing at around 100.00 dollars that would rocket you to the front of all lines. Their VIP Ticket is sort of like the Disney Fast Pass but with a few more perks.

Once inside the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum, fans were directed downstairs into a very large exhibition hall. Inside the hall were hundreds of tables lined with comic book artists, and hundreds of vendors of science fiction movies, posters, comic books, toys, autographs, and many various collectible items. The sheer amount of vendors selling collectible items was worth the price of admission alone. However, the fun had only just begun.

Eternal Con Dealers and Floor 2017

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian 2017

Featured Guests

For many fans, the highlight of comic boom conventions center around the panel of featured guests that attend events like Eternal Con. The producers of the 2017 Eternal Con did a wonderful job at inviting some “A List,” celebrities to attend the event. The entire back wall was lined with tables of celebrities signing autographs and posing for pictures. Most celebrities charged a modest 20.00 dollar fee to pose for a picture. Some of them charged more. Many of them were selling pictures and other autographed items. All of them were very friendly even as they were being asked the same questions they have heard  probably thousands of times.

The 2017 featured guests at Eternal Con included

Lee Meriwether (Batman, The Time Tunnel, Barnaby Jones)

Edward James Olmos (Bladerunner, Battlestar Galactica, Miami Vice)

Brianna Hilderbrand ( Deadpool, Deadpool 2)

Maggie Geha (Gotham, Ted 2)

Helen Slater ( Supergirl,The Legend Of Billie Jean, Smalville)

Jason Faunt, (Jason Faunt was incredibly friendly to the kids. The kids loved him) Erin Cahill, Deborah Estelle Philips, Kevin Kleinberg, Michael Copon ( Power Rangers Time Force)

Paul Blake (Star Wars)

David Harris, Terry Michos, and Thomas G Waters ( The Warriors )

The show also presented fans with many famous personalities from the WWE. There was also a section of famous Cos Play personalities. The Artist Alley section featured about 60 famous comic book artists including Billy Tuci, Frank Tieri, and Ken Bald.

Briana Hildebrand at Eternal Con

Briana Hildebrand posing with guest. Photo: Brian Kachejian 2017

Stage Shows and Panels

One of the most entertaining aspects of comic cons are the stage shows and panels that are presented to fans. The 2017 Eternal Con featured question and answer sessions with most of the big movie stars that attended the event. Saturday’s events featured Q & As with Brianna Hildenbrand, Edward James Olmos, Mick Foley and Star Wars Paul Blake. Sunday’s Q & As featured Lee Meriwether and the cast of Power Rangers Time Force. The stage shows also presented fans with discussions on the history of Star Trek, “Loving Captain Marvel,” history of monsters like Godzilla and many others discussions of other topics. There were even discussions on self publishing, which made the event even more special as Eternal Con is an event that promotes fans to bring in their own artwork in hopes of being discovered.

One of the stage shows that my son and I witnessed was a lesson in Jedi training. Actors portraying Jedi’s invited young kids onto the stage and gave them lessons in fighting with Lightsabers. The kids on stage seemed almost in shock that there were immersed in learning Jedi moves and battle techniques.

One of the most anticipated guest of the Sunday afternoon show Q & A was Lee Meriwether. The wonderful actress spoke about her career and answered questions from fans. While most of the fans knew Lee Meriwether from her work as Catwoman in the 1960’s Batman television movie, Lee Meriwether spoke at length about her work on the television series The Time TunnelMany people under the age of forty have never heard of the television show The Time Tunnel. However, as kid growing up in the sixties, it was one of may favorites shows along side Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. It was a great show that does not get the credit is deserves as it was way ahead of its time in its production and story lines. 

Lee Meriwether at Eternal Con

Lee Meriwether Photo: Brian Kachejian

The Vehicles

Everyone has their reasons for attending Comic Cons. Some go to find the ultimate collector’s items, some attend to meet the comic book artists, others love meeting the celebrities. However, one of the greatest joys movie fans will experience at comic cons is the viewing of the legendary cars that have graced the silver screen from generation to generation. Eternal Con 2017 did not disappoint in its presentation of famous movie and television vehicles. The highlight of the show for many, was the appearance of the 1966 Batmobile. Not only did the event feature the legendary Batmobile from the 1960’s television Batman, on display was also the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile, and the Christian Bale Tank Batmobile. It’s not tough to guess which of the three fans flocked to the most. The 1966 Batmobile is simply jaw dropping. The car looks as if its brand new. As my son and I were staring in disbelief at the car, an attendant (or maybe the owner of the car) asked if we would like to sit in the Batmobile and have our picture taken. He didn’t have to ask twice. For only 20.00 dollars, may son and I jumped into the Batmobile and posed for a picture. For myself, it was like jumping into my TV set in the 1960’s. I could not believe it, I WAS SITTING IN THE BATMOBILE !

There were other vehicles outside of the Batman universe that appeared at Eternal Con. There was a jeep from Jurassic Park in the opposite corner of the exhibition hall.  There was a Ghostbusters vehicle that looked different from the ones I have seen in the movies. However, the Ghostbuster’s exhibit featured a cast of characters who were dressed up in Ghostbusters uniforms with the backpacks and whom seemed to really enjoy representing the Ghostbusters characters. The kids were having a wonderful time posing for pictures with the very friendly cast. And in my book, that’s what it is all about.

My son and I had such a great time at Eternal Con, that once I got home I instantly began searching for other area comic cons. I brought tickets for the legendary New York Comic Con in October and Walker Stalker in New Jersey for mid December of this year. Eternal Con got me hooked. These events are fun, and taking your sons or daughters along will make it a memorable experience.

Ghostbusters Eternal Con 2017

Ghostbusters Photo: Brian Kachejian

1989 Batmobile Eternal Con

1989 Batmobile Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con Jurassic Park Jeep

Jurassic Park Jeep Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con 2017

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian

Eternal Con

Eternal Con Photo: Brian Kachejian

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